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Andrea Daube

BA Communication, Class of 2018

"SNHU has some of the best advisors, faculty and staff to help students succeed."

I always joke that I'm on the "20-year plan" for college. But finishing my BA has always been a serious personal goal. I started college in New Jersey, right out of high school, but after two years, I ended up moving across the country to California. At that time, I was working too many hours and, unfortunately, online courses were not widely offered. A few years later I moved to Pennsylvania, and life settled down enough for me to think about continuing my education again. So, I completed an AA degree, mostly through online courses, at a local community college. However, I knew that I would need at least a BA to advance my career. After researching all of the local and online colleges that are currently available, I knew SNHU was the right school for me.

I am a marketing communications specialist for a large, global company, and not only does SNHU offer a comprehensive online communication BA, but the courses are so affordable that I can easily manage my schedule and my budget while reaching my goals. In my college experience both on campus and online, SNHU has some of the best advisors, faculty and staff to help students succeed. From the very beginning, and with every step along the way, SNHU is there to make sure you have all of the information, assistance and resources you need. Anytime I hear someone's interested in taking online courses, I tell them about SNHU because it has been such a positive experience for me so far. And I’m looking forward to the future SNHU is helping me to achieve!