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Angela Roundtree

BA Creative Writing & English, Class of 2016

"My advisor carefully considered what I would need to accomplish my goals here at SNHU."

I am a married mother of three children and grandmother of eight “grands". Two of the older grands are presently attending college. I am very proud of them. I recently returned to school myself because I believe it is never too late to learn. I have always wanted to write—to tell stories—but held back because I did not have the necessary skills to become a successful writer.

For some time, I looked into curriculums of various schools that had the program I was looking for, but the hours were not convenient for me—these schools were not web-based. Then there was SNHU with the advertisement on television that I saw numerous times. The desire to continue school was strong, so I began to rationalize in my mind to take a chance. Finally, I made the move in September 2013. I called, satisfied all the pre-admission requirements, and was assigned to a wonderful advisor by the name of Kali Maltese. My advisor carefully considered what I would need to accomplish my goals here at SNHU. I completed my first semester, and in choosing my classes for my second, she advised me that I could take the two classes this semester.

I was apprehensive, but I trusted her and it was a successful choice. Here I am today, on the road with gas to burn. I just ended my second semester at SNHU, and I am learning and enjoying the ride. Once you start each class and plan school into your daily life, you can easily complete the required hours of study. You cannot just breeze through; you must absorb the classes. By no means is this easy. It is very challenging, but a challenge worth taking. To be able to fill that blank 8 ½ x 11 with sound thoughts is so very satisfying to me.

I have good instructors that view my submissions and constructively let me know if I am on mark with my writings. To think this is only the beginning of my journey. When I finish and receive my degree, my goal is to be book-writing material. This dream I will hold on to till it becomes real. My success is just a thought and a page away.