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Angelia Walker

MA English & Creative Writing - Screenwriting

"Nathan is currently my student advisor; he’s been very instrumental with pretty much every aspect of being a student."

Success is when goals and dreams are connected with reality, and that is exactly what happened when I decided to attend SNHU. In my spare time, I love creative writing. However, I knew there was more to learn regarding the fundamentals of writing, but was afraid of facing my challenges regarding going back to school.

One of my biggest challenges was my age. When I thought of being a grandmother of a ten-year-old grandson, I immediately dismissed any hopes of going back. Until one day while on Facebook, I saw a friend who had just recently graduated from SNHU. I was so inspired just by seeing her all dressed in her graduation attire; I immediately picked up the phone to call SNHU.

The call was only to gather general information. I spoke with a representative by the name of Brandy Hall. Please keep in mind that I’m really bad remembering names, but this young lady actually changed my whole thought process regarding my return back to school. Even after I enrolled, I was still hesitant, but then Brandy referred me over to Chelsea Brown, a student advisor who kept me on track regarding the rules and regulations relating to the course material. After a period of time, Chelsea Brown referred me over to Nathan Wycoff. Nathan is currently my student advisor. He’s been very instrumental with pretty much every aspect of being a student, including my continued success at SNHU. Registration, financial aid, SNHU Bookstore, technology, student advisory and the professors have all been awesome. Overall, SNHU has added a new “happy” chapter to my life!