Anthony Musgrave

BS Business Admin, Class of 2014

"After my first class, I knew SNHU was different and what I was looking for in an education."

Being a dad of three awesome and full-of-energy boys and a husband to my beautiful wife of over 17 years, I always give my all to my family and encourage my boys to do the best they can in school and all they do. I did not have the opportunity to go to college after school, so I just worked. I have been in the same area of the business world for 14 years and was moving up a little here and there, but always knew I could do much better. So I decided to look for and enroll in an online college. I was able to get about a third of the way through my business degree, and it started to "not" be what I thought it was. The college I went to seemed to go downhill. I then decided to look for a different college and found SNHU.

From the time I first called, I could tell it was very different. The enrollment advisor and my academic advisor have been great. After my first class, I knew SNHU was different and what I was looking for in an education. They really understand the balance one needs to attend online school with a full-time job and a family. The professors are just as good and the communication is even better. I always know what is expected of me, and my advisor checks in, at least one a week, just to see how things are going. I can't wait to get my degree and, just maybe, take a trip to New Hampshire and walk across the stage and shout, "I did it!"