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Areatha Ford

BA Psychology, Class of 2014

"[My advisor] was in my corner cheering, telling me I could do it."

I began my studies at SNHU in March of 2013. Believe it or not, when I began my online studies, I did not have Internet access or a computer. What was I thinking? But gaining my degree meant so much to me, I decided I would try even if it meant spending hours at the public library. And that is exactly what I did for two terms.

My entrance advisor Patty Petersen was a huge inspiration. I then had to deal with my house foreclosure and a hysterectomy! All of this happened in the first three terms. It was a lot, but Patty was in my corner cheering, telling me I could do it. I never met a more encouraging advisor. She was awesome, and I will never forget her!

Funny thing is, with life's uncertain turns and changes, I still am working without Internet at home. Add that to being a mother of two and a wife, and you can understand my journey. But I can't give up. This means so much to me. For this reason, every eight weeks I buckle down and do it again. I will complete this journey. What I always tell my sons is: Failure is not an option!