Arlene Armas

BA Graphic Design & Media Arts, Class of 2014

"It is so comforting to know that this university is so rich in tradition."

I followed the track that many of us fall into, which is to start college fresh out of high school, but then put it off for whatever reason. After working in the education field for many years, I felt it was finally time to go back to school and finish my degree. However, this time, I just could not see myself attending a traditional brick and mortar school. I looked for an online program in the arts, preferably in graphic design. That's when I found SNHU and soon discovered that their online graphic design and media arts bachelor’s degree program was brand new and still in development. I was excited to know that I would be among the first graduates from this program. From the moment I chatted with my first academic advisor, I really felt SNHU was the place for me. If you need enthusiastic and supportive individuals to help motivate you, look no further than Southern New Hampshire University! Their academic advising team is truly terrific. I was able to transfer all of my college credits. Additionally, SNHU has a portfolio course through Learning Counts, which allowed me to take life and work experiences and have them translated into college credits. What a wonderful opportunity for people like me who have learned so much outside of the traditional college classroom. I recommend this program to everyone. This helped to get me even closer to realizing my goal.

SNHU prepared a challenging and fulfilling program, in which I learned so much in the past year. Living over 1,500 miles away, I didn't think I would attend graduation. But thanks to the support of my family, I was fortunate to be able to attend commencement ceremony. I even took my 83-year-old mother, so she could experience first-hand the pride of watching her daughter attain her goal. My husband and children, who have been my support system throughout my studies, were so happy to see me in my cap and gown. I can’t tell you how fulfilling the experience was for me. I even got to meet some of my academic advisors in person and get a picture with SNHU’s mascot, Petey The Penmen! I was able to tour the campus and see first hand what my new alma mater looked like. I recommend it to every online student if you can do it.

Upon graduating, I now belong to the SNHU Alumni Association—one which has been in existence for over 80 years. It is so comforting to know that this university is so rich in tradition and not just an “online school.” Like I tell my friends and family, it is a traditional university with an excellent online program. That is something I really loved about SNHU. After completing my degree, I have been offered a professional position at my current workplace. This promotion has opened many doors, and I know my degree played a huge role in obtaining it. In conclusion, I started on the right track, veered off for a little while, but got back on and finished the race. First or last, sooner or later, it’s never too late to cross that finish line.