Barry Ziegler

MS Finance

"I was amazed to find out I wasn't the oldest guy around."

A retired CPA, Barry Ziegler felt that having an accounting degree wasn’t enough, so he asked himself, “How about a master’s degree in finance?” Barry did intensive researching before deciding SNHU was the right school, fitting his terms and meeting his needs.

Barry’s wife, Gaile, was a huge inspiration to him, supporting him throughout his graduate program.

Barry said that the other graduate students in his program also proved to be inspirational, “Their dedication, the hard work,” he said. “It just amazed me.” That’s something that many people don’t realize when they consider the pursuit of an online degree; Classmates are part of your support system.”

One of Barry’s classmates, Nathan Yates, convinced Barry to come “walk the walk” at commencement. Although he had not yet completed his last course, students can often walk in the ceremony and receive their diploma upon successful completion of their full degree requirements. Barry said, “I was amazed to find out I wasn’t the oldest guy around.”