Brandon Pike

BS Marketing, Class of 2017

"I cannot express in words how personally and professionally SNHU has redefined me!"

My name is Brandon Pike, and I have the honor of working for the greatest company in the world. I am a manager of marketing retention & analytics at Comcast NBC Universal. My story is more about the relationships I have forged in my lifetime than anything else. I graduated from high school many years ago and had the opportunity to move to Europe. Most of my friends left for college that fall, but I opted to wait it out. When I returned from abroad I started college. My first stint was less than productive. So I immediately entered the workforce. I did not have a clear path due to multiple interests, so I worked in sales for 11 years. After that I made the jump to marketing. I had the privilege of representing amazing companies such as Sony Corporation and Hewlett-Packard. It was from there that my future was solidified. However, what was missing was my bachelor’s degree. I knew that if I wanted to elevate my career then I would need to finish my education.

Growing up, my father was a superintendent of schools and always told me that, “An education is something that cannot be taken away from you.” He was right. After being accepted to SNHU and working closely with the wonderful staff, I reshaped my whole approach to not only school, but also to life in general. I cannot express in words how personally and professionally SNHU has redefined me! I am projected to finish my bachelor’s degree in approximately two years. From there, I am on a mission to finish my master’s degree as well. All of this would not have been possible without the helping hand of the advisors and professors at SNHU. Thank you!