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Bryan Tann

BA Communication, Class of 2014

"I am so proud to know that I will be an SNHU alumnus."

I enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University in November of 2010, after having an amazing chance experience of co-hosting a morning radio show, and being told I was "a natural." I called SNHU and enrolled the very next day, and began my first term in January of 2011. It was my hope that I would be able to build a much better life for my (then) wife and my son.

I had so many starry-eyed dreams of hosting my own radio show right away, coming out of school making loads of money, and living happily ever after with my family. Things were going great with my education, but I realized that my marriage wasn't working. This was a very difficult life change for me, but it was my education and Torrey Walker, my academic advisor, that got me through.

Here I am, two weeks away from earning my BA, and I am not ready to leave SNHU just yet; I have been accepted into the graduate studies program where I am focusing on public relations. I realized there is more to communications than just radio. Southern New Hampshire University taught me that.

I am so proud to know that I will be an SNHU alumnus, and all I can do is hope that I will be able to bring honor, dignity and success to this school that has been such a major part of my life for the last three years.