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Candice Timberlake

BA History - European History, Class of 2017

"[The] many incredible professors do a wonderful job helping and supporting, just as if I were on a campus."

After making the painful decision to leave my nursing program and follow my true passion with history and teaching, I could not be happier. I searched school after school, and program after program to find SNHU. SNHU had the best online program for the major I wanted. Being an online student with SNHU really gives me the freedom to live my life, raise my children, travel and still take the steps to better my life.

I have had the pleasure of having two wonderful academic advisors, Sarah and Samantha. Both women have helped to support and advise me. If I ever had a question or issue, or just wanted to vent, they were and are always there for me. There have also been many incredible professors who do a wonderful job teaching, helping and supporting, just as if I were on a campus. I am very proud to be an SNHU student, and cannot wait to graduate.