Carla Sawyer

"I am grateful to SNHU for giving me the opportunity to make my dreams come true."

I've always been passionate about education, and to receive a higher education is a must for anyone who wants to achieve success in life. I am a single mother of four, and two have already graduated from college. I am looking forward to the other two following in their footsteps. When I decided to teach, it was an inspiration from my fifth-grade teacher who taught me that reading was indeed fundamental, and it was important in order to explore the world around me. While contemplating on returning to school, I had to decide on how to organize my life in such a way that I would be able to show my kids that life does not end according to age; it is determination that pushes us forth. My grandmother died in 2001 — without knowing that eventually, I would return to school and make her proud. There are only five college graduates in our family. I always wanted to show her my degree and let her know that I had taken all the things she had taught me to heart. Although I took another path by having children and working, earning a college degree is the most important thing to me. I love teaching and watching the look in my students' eyes when they first learn something that I had taught them. I am just as eager as they are when they 'get it.'

Currently, I work as a medical biller/coder for the same clinic in which I was a preschool teacher. The job was an impromptu promotion due to another employee leaving abruptly. I long for the day when I can finally return to education as an administrator, perhaps, or a counselor to assist students in realizing their dreams.

I am grateful to SNHU for giving me the opportunity to make my dreams come true through their tireless efforts of encouraging me to keep pushing towards my goals; I am grateful to be in a position in which I can show my children and others that you're never to old to accomplish anything in life, and that anything is possible when it is faced head on with determination and a will to be successful. My two oldest children encourage me every day and reference me as being their inspiration to graduate from college because I never gave up on them. Now, not giving up on myself, I am here pursuing not only a bachelor’s but a master’s, as well, in my perspective field of study while working a full-time job, raising two smaller children — one who is autistic and still assisting classroom teachers in teaching behavioral children in the class. God has granted me the faith to see this journey all the way through and has given me favor to strive for the best in life, and I gladly accept the assignment.