Carol Peterson

BA History - European History

"Thank you, SNHU, for giving me this opportunity!"

I never imagined I would come so far in life. I never imagined I would graduate in the top 10% of my class or be pursuing my bachelor’s in European history. I grew up in a small town, went to a small high school and continued my education at a state college.

In high school, I was involved in childhood education and, from eighth to tenth grade, all I wanted to be in life was a grade school teacher. It wasn’t until I took AP American History that I realized how intrigued I was by the subject. From then on, I dove head on into the world of history, reading books, watching movies and gaining as much knowledge as I could.

I am so happy to be in the European history department at SNHU. So far, I've only had one history class, taught by Professor Disantis. It was enlightening and well taught. Thank you, SNHU, for giving me this opportunity!