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Casey Oliver

BS Business Admin

"SNHU has helped me to begin to realize my dream."

I was 29 when I first picked up the art of fire dancing. At the time, I was a single mom with three amazing children. I remember being upset that I could only mail order my equipment, and thought to myself, "Someone could make a mint if they sold this stuff." It was like a light bulb went off. Why shouldn't I make that mint?

I had successfully opened and run many small businesses in my career, but for others. I was tired of making money for others. During my quest to open a business, I had three more children. As I moved through business loan attempts and formalizing a business plan, I realized that I would be viewed as a better loan risk with a degree in business under my belt. I decided to pursue a BS in Business Administration. 

SNHU has helped me to begin to realize my dream of opening the first brick-and-mortar store for the fire dancing arts—to become an innovator, a creator and to began my lifelong dream. I will be independent and show my kids that their dreams are possible, no matter what challenges they face.