Chandra DeRosa

BS Marketing, Class of 2016

"The faith the faculty has in their students is astonishing."

I'm a single mom, working two jobs on top of taking two classes at SNHU. It seems like a lot, but I am so desperate to achieve my greatest goal: obtaining my degree. In high school, I was probably voted “least likely to go to college,” considering I only went to school about twice a week back then. I was always capable of the work; I just didn't want to do it.

I graduated a year after I had my daughter and the importance of education hit me. Now, I am not only living my life for myself, but also for my daughter. If I fail, I fail my daughter, too, and I refuse to let that happen. I've been working so hard to make our lives better and I've come too far to give up now. I would hate to tell my daughter one day that all those nights working and doing homework instead of playing with her were for nothing.

SNHU has been so amazing with helping me along the way. I was even going to hold off a term because I had so much going on, but my admission counselor, Laura, convinced me that I could do it. I ended up with an A in the course! The faith the faculty has in their students is astonishing. Emma, my advisor, has been just as helpful and has made answering any questions a top priority. I look forward to finishing my BS in Marketing at SNHU and walking across the stage with my degree.