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Charlie Lee

MS Finance

"After a comparative ROI analysis, I decided that SNHU's MSF presented the greatest value for my employment situation."

Given that I graduated from college in 1991, became an architect in 2002, and recently completed a master’s in business administration from a local university, my wife wondered why would I want to continue with additional studies. The problem, I informed her, was the increased challenge of implementing accounting and financial reporting into my employment as a project manager in the city of Houston. When I contemplated my employment skills inventory, I found it insufficient to meet my employment challenges. Therefore, I inquired into competitive, practice-oriented graduate programs. I compared three accredited master’s degree in finance programs. Since the quality of all graduate programs is addressed through accreditation, I then inquired into the return on investment based on the cost of additional education investment. After a comparative ROI analysis, I decided that SNHU MS in Finance presented the greatest value for my employment situation, as I am solely funding the education.

I have not been disappointed. My employer has taken note, particularly with the additional skills I have learned over the last three graduate courses at SNHU MSF: quantitative analysis, managerial accounting and financial reporting. Backed by data, I have experienced confidence and renewed career focus, thanks to SNHU’s MS in Finance program.