Charlotte Richard

BA History, Class of 2014

"I know that with my degree I can go anywhere."

I attended a New Hampshire university on and off for several semesters and then dropped out. Feeling defeated, I settled for a soul-crushing medical billing job where I sat in a cubicle. I knew I needed to do something bigger. I began my online college career with another university, and soon learned that it was less about me learning and more about them earning.

At this point, I was pregnant with my first child and my husband was diagnosed with leukemia. I took a leave of absence while I cared for him through his chemo and bone marrow transplant before returning to school. When I returned, I felt more focused than ever, and after a few months I knew I was meant for bigger things, and knew that I needed to get a good education. My brother-in-law was attending SNHU, so I looked into it. I dove in headfirst and have not looked back.

I am now scheduled to graduate in eight months (4 terms), and I am excited about getting my BA in History, while looking forward to graduate school. I am so proud to attend SNHU, and I know that I am getting a quality education. I am challenged - As are hard to get - and I feel engaged with my instructors and classmates. I know that with my degree I can go anywhere. And I can't wait to finally—finally—put on that cap and gown and have my degree handed to me.