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Chris Wolfe

MBA Entrepreneurship, Class of 1984

"SNHU's MBA program was the capstone of a solid business education."

Chris Wolfe '84 knew at a young age that he wanted to own his own business.

In 1991, he founded MultiNational Resources, Inc., a Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology solution. Chris says that SNHU's M.B.A. program provided an opportunity to seek out career goals that wouldn't otherwise have been attainable.

"By the time I completed SNHU's M.B.A. Program, I had clearly established my entrepreneurial goals with the intent of founding ventures and building technology-based businesses, focused on product development and manufacturing," he says.

Similar to others seeking their MBA degree, Chris was juggling work, school, commuting, and family. "I was absolutely focused on getting my degrees, and knew I wanted to get my M.B.A. while I was still thinking like a student. I was working full time, I had just gotten married and I wanted a program that provided options and flexibility."

In fact, he credits one of his professors in particular – Dr. Larry Johnson – with helping him decide not to pursue an advanced engineering degree after his M.B.A.

"He told me: "It's not important for you to get a technical degree, you can always hire an engineer. You've spent your time learning how to run a business – so go run one!' I remember those words as if they were yesterday, and I believe he was guiding me in the direction I needed to go. He believed in my energy, drive and background to be successful. I’ve always appreciated that."