Christi Hauke

BA English Language & Literature, Class of 2015

"Thank you, SNHU, for helping me to achieve success."

I am the only daughter in a family of four to baby boomer parents. I worked hard and did very well in school, but had no one else in my family who had attended college. Despite my graduation with honors and acceptance to a four-year university with scholarships covering more than 90% of the cost of college, my family could not afford the difference in tuition-and no one told me at any time about student loans, I did not go directly to college. I took a year off to work and save the difference needed. Life gets in the way for many who do this, as it did for me. A fantastic marriage and four children later, I decided to go to college and began at a local community college. I had to stop taking classes after two years because of work requirements. A job change and a desire to complete my degree led me to SNHU where ease of enrollment, engaged and friendly advisors, and financial aid got me moving to my goal. My desire to get more than a degree, to get a true education with great teachers and challenging curriculum, has kept me going-getting fantastic grades and really getting the education I want and need. Thank you, SNHU, for helping me to achieve success.