Christina Alexa

BA Creative Writing & English - Nonfiction, Class of 2017

"I feel as though I have made meaningful connections with each person who has guided me along this path through SNHU."

Currently, I am a 45-year-old single mother and business owner living in central New Hampshire. After a difficult divorce many years ago, I came to the realization that my definitions of happiness, fulfillment and love needed updating. I made a firm choice to live according to what fed my heart and this led to opening a wellness center dedicated to providing a space for people to come and simply relax in order to begin the healing process. At the time, my son was only two years old. As a result of the divorce and subsequent conditions, outside of my control, I entered a period of great financial difficulty. During this time, my mother became suddenly ill and also passed away. My son is now eight years old, my business is strong, and my commitment to myself is unwavering. I operate from a deep knowing — that which is challenging can always be alchemized into the fertile soil from which new life and opportunity flourishes, but we have to make that choice. It will not make itself.

In contacting SNHU, I met nothing but positive support and encouragement from every individual I have had the pleasure to speak to. The day of my first call, to the day I found out I was successfully enrolled, was a span of less than one week; my financial aid approval came in only five days! I could never have envisioned such a smooth process unfolding so easily. Not a decision made lightly, completing my bachelor’s degree (in creative writing – nonfiction, online) is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself, and I feel as though I have made meaningful connections with each person who has guided me along this path through SNHU. Your positive encouragement makes a huge difference, as if you are genuinely sharing in my successes as I proceed. Enrollment in this online degree program is an acknowledgment of my belief in my ability to continue to follow through with my personal needs and fulfillment — it’s a big, “You can do it!” to myself. Even more than that, it is a gift to my son to show him “by example” that it doesn’t matter when, it matters how we bring ourselves to accountability for our own dreams. My greatest reward is hearing him say, “Mommy, I am really proud of you!” As far as I am concerned, that is the beginning and ending of my story right there. Thanks SNHU for making it possible.