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Christine Carpenter

BA General Studies, Class of 2014

"SNHU has become my family, and I feel so fortunate and proud to say that I attended this university!"

My journey at SNHU! Attending SNHU, since 2012, has been an amazing experience on so many levels as a non-traditional day student, as well as an online student to complete my BA as a hospitality/business student. Achieving the president’s list and honors were a just a few of my proud moments!

Being an adult student amongst the younger generation, I certainly had apprehensions, especially acclimating to a new environment along with juggling my family responsibilities. I am a proud wife and mother of two daughters: Julianna is seventeen and a senior at Central High School, and Sophia is eight, and a second grader at Webster Elementary, here in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I have been given an amazing opportunity, with the love and support of my family to be attending SNHU! What really excited me from the beginning was the amazing welcome that I received, and still continue to receive, from faculty and students. What I enjoyed most and really set the stage for deciding my goals was Marlon Smith. He was a guest speaker for all transfer students during my first orientation days in September 2012. Marlon was an amazing speaker and talked about goal affirmations, positive energy, leadership skills, and living with a purpose. All of these I had heard of and used in the past; however, it was the drive that I felt that day that motivated my spirit! I was very drawn to his concepts and purchased his book called “Living with a Purpose, 40 Days to Empower You and Your Family.” I use his tools every day, both conceptually and visually, and have established my goals in writing, so it is an affirmation to where I’m going.

Marlon had encouraged all of us that day to come up with our own mission statement. He explained how powerful a mission statement could be, and so I, too, have a mission statement that I live by. I, Christine Louise Carpenter, see, hear, feel and know that the purpose of my life is to be a caring, loving, dedicated wife and mother; to enjoy life’s precious gifts with family and friends; to remain someone who is spiritual, compassionate and dedicated to succeed, and someone who is empathetic towards others, always seeking ways to grow from my past and looking into the future with an open mind and positive attitude.

There are many inspirational moments that I have cherished since starting at SNHU! One of the most is having an extraordinary admission staff that followed through with the ease of starting my journey at SNHU in 2012! I also treasured my “Pal” Michelle Cowell, what an amazing “Pal Program” to have at SNHU! Michelle always took the time to reach out to me through e-mail even if it was just to check in and say hello! Michelle spent time navigating My SNHU and Blackboard, which for me was a definite learning curve. Of course, the experience would not be complete without my amazing advisor, Stefanie Deprey! Stef’s warm and compassionate personality, with her ability to work so closely with transfer students, is second to none! She made my first semester, until I transferred to a facility advisor, an easy transition. We have become great friends, and I will treasure that friendship always!

Another important aspect of being an SNHU student was getting involved on campus, especially being an older adult transfer student. There are many clubs, organizations and resources that you can be a part of, which give one the opportunity to meet new students and become a part of this beautiful university! I enjoyed being the president of the Transfer Student Club from 2012-2013, a new club that was established and fosters building a stronger community for all transfer, internal and readmitted students. I needed to resign my presidency due to the fact that I became a COCE student in January 2013 and was no longer a full-time day student. I missed being a student on campus this year! However, I run through campus often and stop to say hello to professors and friends. This amazing journey would not be complete without the fabulous professors and advisors that I had at SNHU. They are true leaders as well as educators! Many have become mentors as well as friends, adults that I will treasure always for their wisdom, help and encouragement. A professor once told me, “Life’s a journey, Christine; embrace it!” I have treasured that conversation, and it has become part of what I am today. So, thank you! I have truly learned a lot about myself with having the opportunity to “live my life” over as a college student.

I would not be attending college if it weren’t for my wonderful husband, Jonathan, who is my biggest supporter and has made many sacrifices so that I can attend SNHU! Bringing our youngest daughter on campus with me during events has been both amazing for her, to see what her mother did, as well as gaining knowledge about college life at an early age. I feel pretty blessed because not too many parents can say they can share this type of experience with their children! My mother, father and siblings have been extremely supportive and are proud of me for talking that leap of faith. My father would often remind me in conversation, “You’re never too old to learn something new. Remember what your great-uncle Angelo used to tell you.”

SNHU has become my family, and I feel so fortunate and proud to say that I attended this university! I love and appreciate the diversity that we all share from different cultures and backgrounds. My hope is to be accepted as a SNHU faculty member on the Manchester campus and share my journey as an alumnus with others!