Christine Howard

BS Accounting

"SNHU has given me the opportunity to do it all."

My story is similar to many adult learners at SNHU. Right after high school I attended a local university. But I was a tadpole in a huge ocean, and I did not make it. After leaving that university, I worked for a drugstore and in a dead-end job at a printing company. Finishing my degree has always been a personal goal that had been just slightly out of reach due to either financial or scheduling conflicts. Two years ago, I decided to just do it, and I began the journey of finishing my degree. I decided lack of money and time were no longer acceptable excuses. So here I am at SNHU!

SNHU has given me the opportunity to do it all. I work for an accounting firm, and during tax season I work a lot of hours. Taking online classes is very tough, but it is convenient and allows me to not let work get in the way of achieving my personal goal.

I have a wonderful husband who tells me to do whatever I need to do to complete my degree. He spends many nights alone with my son, helping with homework or outside practicing hockey. When my son goes to bed, he's often alone on the couch while I'm upstairs studying or scrambling to make my discussion board posts by the due date. My nine-year-old son also helps by bringing me snacks and drinks, but most importantly, unsolicited hugs and kisses. Without their support, I would not be able to manage my work schedule and classes. Luckily, I will be completing my degree soon, and my family will reap the rewards of all of our sacrifices and hard work.