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Christopher Grazioso

MS Information Technology - Information Sec., Class of 2017

"I have had great help and support from every person on staff and faculty."

I was a distracted student throughout high school and my initial college experiences. I simply was not ready. I had a better and more productive experience when I went back to school in my mid-20s, but the difficulty math gave me kept me from finishing my associate degree. I was literally three credits shy, and never finished.

I got into IT not too long after leaving school, and have been in the field ever since. But one thing I had not been able to do was break into management. I believe the thing that has held me back was the lack of a degree. I have gone on job interviews that went perfectly well, only to be denied the opportunity because other candidates had degrees. That was the last straw.

I researched online degree programs for years, and was put off by some aggressive and/or very expensive schools. I came across SNHU, decided to see what it would take to get enrolled, and was won over instantly. I have had great help and support from every person on staff and faculty. I am enjoying the challenge and satisfaction I get through the work I’ve been doing for the past three terms. And I am incredibly focused on wrapping up this degree.