Christopher Rice

BA Psychology - Forensic Psychology

"SNHU offered the degree plan that I wanted."

During a yearlong U.S. Army Infantry tour of duty that ended in 2010, Christopher Rice was part of a special task force responsible for forensic profiling of insurgents in Afghanistan. A staff sergeant who is now serving as an Army recruiter not far from SNHU's campus, Rice is working toward a psychology degree with a concentration in forensic psychology, a discipline that applies psychology to criminal investigation and the law. Upon graduation, he'd like to become a psychologist for the Army or in a civilian capacity.

A native of the Cayman Islands who's a U.S. citizen, Rice sought to further his wartime training after returning from Afghanistan. "I started looking into studying forensic psychology to further my aspirations in that career field," Rice says. "SNHU is one of the only schools that offers it at an undergraduate level, so that's what brought me here."

Having earned academic credit from SNHU for his military experience, Rice has taken classes year round and aims to complete his degree in two years. Online courses have provided the flexibility he needs to further his education while still on active duty, he says.

"The online platforms are very user friendly, and the curriculum is very focused," he says. "You're not taking classes that are out of the realm of your degree program, which was really important for me. SNHU offered the degree plan that I wanted. It was the right shoe for the foot."