Connie Charles

MS Accounting, Class of 2016

"I’m so grateful that I found SNHU. I look forward to continuing my journey."

Pursuing an online graduate degree from SNHU to assist in my career change to accounting has been a wonderful experience. It is sometimes a challenge to juggle full-time work and part-time studies, but whenever I am feeling discouraged, I think of how far I have come in my higher education journey.

My parents do not have high school diplomas or GEDs, and I grew up in a working-class neighborhood in South Texas where little focus was placed on higher education. I started out at a community college pursuing an associate degree, gained some work experience, and then returned to pursue my bachelor's degree.

It took me seven years to return to higher education and to gain the motivation to pursue a graduate degree. I always knew I wanted a graduate degree, but I either didn't quite feel ready or the degree didn't garner my interest. SNHU's course format is perfect for someone like me, who would prefer to focus on one course at a time online with hands-on assignments. I’m so grateful that I found SNHU's MS in Accounting program. I look forward to continuing my journey.