Cynthia Shroyer

BA Creative Writing & English - Fiction, Class of 2014

"I have done so much better in school than I have before."

I began college as a 20-year-old freshman. I lasted a year, and then I got married and had four children. I attempted to complete a degree in the mid-90s, but with four children in elementary school, a husband and a job, it was just too difficult. I divorced, survived watching a son spend his teen years in prison, and learned to fend for myself, while raising my other three children.

I began working at a newspaper and was promoted to editor at a sister paper. I then moved back to the first paper as its editor. I did this without a degree, but always felt I was missing something. A move to Wyoming from Ohio placed me in a small weekly paper as a reporter. I was in need of a place to recoup from the pressures of my last job, so I flourished there. Still something was missing. My boss was a friend who was attending online classes at another university. He highly encouraged me to do the same, even paying for my admission fee. I began there and took a year's worth of classes. But the school and I really didn't mix well, so I dropped out and took a breather.

In that breather, I began seeing ads for SNHU. I checked it out and found the creative writing program. Excited and eager, I applied and began classes. That was three years ago. I have done so much better in school than I have before. I was determined to try for B's and C's in classes, but found, through the excellent assistance from my instructors and the support of my classmates, I very likely will graduate magna cum laude. This is something I had never dreamed of. The rest of my support system is my family — including my friends. They rallied when I lost my job as publisher and editor of that small weekly paper. They encouraged me to continue my classes, gave me room and time for studying, became sounding boards when I needed to think an assignment through out loud. I am very proud of my education. It has taken 30 years to earn my degree, and it was worth every life experience and hair-pulling assignment. The rewards are amazing!