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David Benoit

BS Economics Finance, Class of 2014

"One of the goals I had upon joining the Navy was to attain my bachelor's degree."

I began taking classes with SNHU in 2001 before the days of high speed internet. I chose SNHU because of my travel schedule. As a P-3 Orion acoustic operator, I was averaging between three to five months a year on the road, either instructing or actually performing aircrew duties.

In 2004, I transitioned to the C-130T Hercules aircraft as a Loadmaster. At this point, my travel schedule dramatically increased. I was finding myself either on detachment or traveling on logistic missions for two hundred or more days a year, making it very difficult to keep up in online classes. Moreover, many of the foreign countries I found myself traveling through did not have easy internet access.

Towards the end of my degree, I was beginning to find it easier to find internet access, but it was still difficult to return to a hotel room for three to four hours of schoolwork after eight hours of flying. There was no way I was going to quit. One of the goals I had upon joining the Navy was to attain my bachelor's degree, and even when my schedule was not cooperative, I was determined to finish.

I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel around the middle of 2013. Since that time, I have been more determined than ever to finish. I retire from the Navy in July 2014 after twenty-four years of active service.

As of yesterday, I have registered for the final two required courses of my BS in Economics and Finance degree. I will be fully finished with the program in August of 2014. Up to this point, I would probably rank this achievement as my third biggest accomplishment, right behind my marriage to my wife Mechelle and my twenty-four years of U.S. Naval Service. Go SNHU!