Dawnn Howell

BA Creative Writing & English - Screenwriting, Class of 2016

"SNHU has the screenwriting program that fits my life."

I did not even know that college was an option for me. When I asked about going to college, I was simply told that I could not afford it. I found out from a friend that it was possible for me to go to school. I had a plan to save up for college, but when I found out that I could go I was so excited. I could not wait to start my education — SNHU has the screenwriting program that fits my life. I have always enjoyed writing plays and short films. I get the chance to go after my dreams with SNHU; I get to go after what I never thought was possible. I have been learning so much. I have had ups and downs, but I am determined to come out and make it on top. My advisor, Nathan, is always there for me when I hit a snag in the coat of life. He encourages me to keep going, and when I am doing well, he lets me know. Simple things like this make me love my school, and I want to reach for the stars.