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Deborah Ulsh

BA Psychology, Class of 2015

"My advisor, Chantel Ovitt, has kept me headed in the right direction."

My journey to obtain a degree began with God. This may sound odd to some people, but there were so many coincidences leading to my return to school, and specifically to psychology, that I simply cannot believe it was happenstance. Once I acknowledged the external pressure to study psychology and applied to a college (unfortunately it wasn't SNHU), it was as if my life made a complete turnaround. I won't talk much about my first two years at the “other” college; suffice it to say, that the quality of SNHU is far above it. I have enjoyed my time at SNHU very much; the faculty has been absolutely wonderful.

My advisor, Chantel Ovitt, has kept me headed in the right direction, and, God bless her, has dealt with my changes in direction without batting an eye. I started out with a concentration in forensic psychology; then I added a concentration in child development and adolescent psychology, and finally added a concentration in psychological counseling. Through this all, I bombarded Chantel with questions, arguments, and tales of woe, all of which she handled beautifully.

The professors at SNHU have been totally awesome, many going above and beyond their basic duties. Dr. Scott Wowra, my research class professor, is one of the most outstanding professors to date. Not only is he inspiring, but he is also there to answer my questions (nearly every day I pester him with 'Why?'), and with every assignment he includes a template that describes what he is looking for in that assignment. This has been a great help in my research class. I wish that he taught the statistics class as well!

Over the years I have been in school, I have experienced a great deal of personal turmoil including nearly losing my sister, and a rocky divorce. I never would have been able to continue school if I had been enrolled in traditional classes; the online venue for me has worked extremely well. The support staff at SNHU has been great as well. The many services provided to students such as tutoring, career planning, resume building assistance, and library search assistance have been unfailingly polite, cheery and helpful. I am planning to continue on to get a master's degree, and I plan on doing that here at SNHU!