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Debra Bahr

BS Accounting, Class of 2015

"The school has gone above and beyond to get me enrolled and to make sure I understand the requirements of my courses."

I started taking college courses right out of high school, but I wasn't committed. I decided work was more important. A few years later, I thought it might be a good idea to give college another try. It was harder than I expected to balance work and school, but I knew I needed my degree to get ahead in my job. Then five long years into education, my job moved me halfway across the country. I was nearly done with my associate degree. Taking only one or two courses each term was all I could successfully manage with a full-time job and a part-time job. I thought I could pick back up with traditional in-person classes after I moved, but the demands of my new position and the stress of the new city changed my mind. Time moved on while my unfinished degree languished. After another change in positions and a move to another state, I knew it was time to finish what I started 16 years before. Researching options for school resulted in a large pool of choices to select from. After carefully considering my professional and personal demands, I knew I wanted to use an online program. Travel and relocations couldn't be a reason I delayed any longer. After that, cost of the program and accreditation were my last two filters I applied in the search for a school.

SNHU quickly rose to the top of all the choices in front of me. The school has gone above and beyond to get me enrolled and to make sure I understand the requirements of my courses. They've been with me every step of the way, walking me through the Web applications and my chosen program. Within the course, the instructor encourages us to bring in our real world examples to enhance our learning and the learning of others. Making the connection from textbook concept to every day life means what I'm learning I can use and retain far beyond a test or exam. I know in the relatively near future I will be able to look back at my educational experience, with my degree in hand, and know I accomplished something amazing. It won't even matter that it will take me nearly 20 years. It is worth every minute and hour I put in because this is my future, and SNHU is helping me reach my goal, ensuring my success.