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Delma Rosado

BA Psychology - Child & Adolescent Development, Class of 2016

"[The] professors spice up discussions and break the perception of online study."

I am currently enrolled in a psychology bachelor’s degree program. I have a double concentration in children and adolescent development, and mental health. My goal is to make children happy and create a safe environment for their mental development. I love psychology because it is a gateway to the mind, and it better helps to understand people, as well as their actions. I live in Puerto Rico, and I am of very humble beginnings, but wish to expand my ideas to the world.

For advice, I believe it is important to take the free time you have to check on assignments, even if it involves only five minutes. My time is consumed by the most incredible being in my life, my son, so I have to study at nights. These times of night are great for remembering material (as you may even dream about what you studied). Projects are better when done early; this way there is more time for citation arrangements. Even if you write some sentences every day, it will help on the progress of the project. Be proud and interested in what you are doing. Whenever you are on a discussion board, look for what brings passion to your mind, and deliver that passion in words.

SNHU has a variety of professionals who engage in what you are learning. Their professors spice up discussions and break the misconceptions of online study. Helping people is what I love. And the professors at SNHU are aiding me to improve myself, so I can accomplish that desire of mine. Even if there are milestones, broken computers, Internet problems, personal losses or the fact that student loans are backing many of us up — if we strive for that which we desire, we will find our profit in the future.