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Denise Simpson

MS Psychology, Class of 2015

"As an SNHU student, I have had the opportunity to work with so many talented students and faculty members."

I attended a local state university many years ago, but, like many young adults, I failed to recognize the value of the opportunity. I left school without a degree, and I spent the next ten years working in dead-end, low-paying jobs just trying to make ends meet.

When I had my daughter in 2009, I began to understand that, in order to provide her with all that she deserved, I would have to earn a college degree. After reflecting upon events in my youth, I knew that my passion lies in helping abused children. I wanted to provide the support and advocacy that so many of these children are missing in their lives.

I chose to complete my undergraduate work in psychology at an online university. After obtaining my B.A., I still I wanted more. I enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University in a master's in psychology program, with the help of my advisor Melissa Welliver.

Melissa was a constant source of support and encouragement. As an SNHU student, I have had the opportunity to work with so many talented students and faculty members. I am truly thankful for all of the support and encouragement provided by all members of the faculty and staff.

If I had to select someone who has been the most supportive of my goals, I would have to say my husband and my four-year-old little girl. As I am sure you can imagine, going back to school takes a tremendous amount of time and work and they have both been more that willing to sacrifice in order to help me achieve my goals.

My husband had also been instrumental in my continued success. When I was having difficulty in one of my classes, he refused to let me give up on myself. He was always there to remind me that in order to achieve my dreams, I would have to do the work. My daughter serves as a source of inspiration. I am determined to show her that with hard work and determination there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. It is my hope that she will learn the value of education and believe in her ability to succeed.