Derik Anderson

"At SNHU I found what I was missing: support."

For me, success is the ability to achieve goals with the help of a structured support system. Success is not just about crossing the finish line, but also making it past every milestone along the way. Before applying to SNHU, my support system was weak. I attended a community college and struggled. I never really felt like they wanted me to succeed. It didn’t seem to matter what I needed in order to learn and stay focused.

I was originally very nervous about pursuing an online education. Thankfully, at SNHU I found what I was missing: support. My advisor, Emma Wilson, has been an asset to my success at SNHU. She calls me regularly to see how I am doing, as well as to supply any help I may need. Emma has been able to answer any and all of my questions, and is a big part of why I am doing so well in my classes.

I am very impressed with how helpful my professors have been. They answer questions in a timely manner, and always get grades in on time, which makes staying on task much more manageable. My mom and my girlfriend have also helped me stay focused on school and my goals. My mom, who is currently working on her master’s degree, frequently calls to see how I am doing. I know I can always count on her if I need any advice. My girlfriend has been supportive and understanding. She often lets me slack on household chores if it means I can get more homework finished. My girlfriend is always around if I need a paper proofread or someone to bounce ideas against.

SNHU has helped me surround myself with the support I need. I have people who know and understand my goals, and are more than willing to help me reach them. I have my keys to success.