Diane Jackson

BA Psychology - Forensic Psychology, Class of 2015

"I encourage everyone to check out SNHU and really take a look at all of the degree options that are offered."

When I graduated from high school, I really had no idea what I wanted to do in life. Since I had always enjoyed being in school and working with children, it made sense for me to work as an elementary school aide and study early childhood/preschool education at my local community college. This led to me obtaining an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in the field and starting a job as an assistant teacher at a local daycare facility. As much as I enjoyed this line of work, I had always known it was not a field I always wanted to be involved in. I always felt that there was something else I wanted to do in life, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what that was.

In 2010, I became fascinated with crime shows on television and learning about different criminal justice fields. This led to discovering a field of study called forensic psychology. This mix of psychology and law became a field I was excited to learn about and wanted to be a part of. However, I quickly found out that none of the local colleges in New Jersey offered this degree, so I figured I would not be able to study it.

After doing an online search for this specific degree, I stumbled upon SNHU and was excited to see the degree was offered online. I had always been a fan of online learning, since I could do it at my own pace and at times that were convenient to me. I very much enjoy this field of study, and could not imagine enrolling in another university.

My professors have all been very helpful in giving out assignments that not only challenged me, but have also made me think about topics in a new light. My advisor has been an amazing asset by answering all of my degree questions, helping me enroll in classes, telling me much-needed information to progress in school, and helping with anything that comes along.

I am happy and quite proud to say that I will be graduating from SNHU with my bachelor’s degree in psychology (forensic psychology concentration) in May of 2015. I will be graduating with a degree in a field I am quite passionate about from a fantastic university that has helped me all the way. I encourage everyone to check out SNHU and really take a look at all of the degree options that are offered. Talk to current students, former students, different program advisors, and even look over the academic catalogs. I am so glad I did all of those things and decided to become a student at SNHU. You will not be disappointed!