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Diane Walters

BA Creative Writing & English

"The key to success here at SNHU is communication."

I think the most important piece of advice to succeed as an online student is to communicate. It is easy to get confused with the Blackboard system or in assignments. Sometimes instructions are not very clear. You have to really advocate for yourself and get in touch with the teacher. If that doesn’t bring satisfactory results, get in touch with your advisor, or other students.

If it is confusion with your homework, I have two pieces of advice. First, is the tutor service at school called: Smart Thinking. The second piece of advice: sign up with Pearson Labs. You can sign up for most Pearson Labs without a teacher or a class. The resources there are unbelievable. They have practice exercises, videos, movies, and other “extras” to help you succeed. Plus, they also have a tutor service available. And, the price for this is very reasonable for what they have to offer. Every time I sign up for a new class, I see if there is a Pearson Lab to go with it. If you have trouble figuring out how to sign up without a teacher or class, just email customer service and they will be glad to help.

For help with research, the SNHU Library is the best. Any of the librarians will either get the information for you or give you step-by-step instructions on where to find what you need.

That is the key to success, here at SNHU—communication. Everyone is dedicated to helping students learn and do well in classes. It doesn’t matter what the trouble is, if you need more time for an assignment, or you don’t understand something—keep in touch with the teacher or the class. It’s a very friendly environment, and everyone is willing to help out.