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Dixie Whelpley

MBA, Class of 2014

"I would be remiss if I did not admit that my success is due to support from my family, SNHU professors and my advisor, Angela."

For me, the most important thing in life is being true to yourself, your personal beliefs, vision, and goals. Without it, we are just a shell of a person trying to convince ourselves and others that we are something we are not. Growing up in an orphanage through my entire childhood, I was told by a housemother, Ms. Gayden, that I would never amount to anything, and would go nowhere in life. Well, here I am world!

I have achieved so much, but I would be remiss if I did not admit that my success is due to support from my family, SNHU professors and advisor, Angela. I have had a very difficult start to the year due to a medically necessary surgery, with complications that took me eight weeks to recover from. During that time, I had already enrolled in three courses, and the surgery took so much out of me that I was not sure I could even get through everything. With the understanding and guidance I received from professors—especially Professors Sabin, McGlynn, Mulherin, Schneiderman—and Angela, I have made it through. It truly has been tough, and many times I was overwhelmed because I was behind. The important message is never give up!

Throughout my life, I have made it a policy that if you start something, you finish it on a high note. Never give up, and never settle. I owe so much to my husband, John, who has worked tirelessly so that I could concentrate on my education. Our children have been an inspiration for me. Our daughter spent time in Iraq, and after coming home, she decided to pursue her bachelor's degree at a state university. She's a volunteer firefighter. Our son is enrolled with SNHU working on his master’s degree. It's important to set goals and milestones and work to achieve them. That is what we have taught our children. There is no such thing as I CAN'T, instead say "I will!" My husband teases me and tells everyone, "Yep! She's getting her degree to earn the big money, and I'm going to retire and enjoy the beach with a dog when we get one!” Life is what you make it. I intend to enjoy every aspect of it always!