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Dodi Raymer

BA Psychology

"The instructors at SNHU are very helpful and encouraging."

I started taking classes at SNHU in March 2010. I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in Psychology this October. I hope to someday work with children who are grieving. Since I am a single mom who works full-time, being able to take classes online makes getting my degree possible. I was nervous at first, but once I became familiar with Blackboard, I realized I can do this! When I am not sure about something that is expected of me, I just ask. The instructors at SNHU are very helpful and encouraging. The advisors that I have worked with have been wonderful. They have been very prompt in answering my emails, offering advice about which classes to take, and even scheduling classes for me.

My secret to success? No question is a stupid question. The instructors and staff are there to help you succeed. Always ask for help when you are not sure of something. Most instructors have a place on the discussion board where general questions can be posted. I have found that sometimes my classmates will even offer answers and advice to one another. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging.