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Donielle Franklin

BA Communication

"I was able to enroll in classes of my choice, and Nathan has been there to guide me through it."

I grew up with many challenges my way. I wanted to go to college, but I was not emotionally or financially ready for the pressures of a large university. I wanted a job, but had no real skills unless it fell under volunteer work or extracurricular activities. I remained a shell of myself and was afraid of the real world and didn't know if I could survive it. When my parents divorced, I was 12, and my mother and I developed a close bond that has been the inspirations behind my determined destiny to earn my bachelor's degree. I decided to enroll in local college, where I spent the beginning of my adult years succeeding, failing and struggling to achieve the best grades, so I could finally have that dream of transferring to a fancy California university. I felt as a California girl that it was my natural obligation to earn my degree at a California school.

I was then taken aback by mother's sudden illness, which shattered my world and altered my goals. My mother was my rock and the sole provider of our household, and when she needed saving I made it my responsibility to take care of her. I had gotten a series of jobs to help her medical bills and keep our heads above water, so I took a semester off from school. I didn't know what to do or where I could turn since I was on my own with a menial job and barely half a college education. I didn't want to give up school, but I needed to earn a living, so I hustled and applied enough to where I was given a chance by the retail world called Macy’s.

I wanted to finish school, but the universities had so many requirements and regulations while the city colleges added additional courses that would keep me taking classes for another two years. My mother had suggested to me the benefits of going to school online, but I didn't trust going to college online because I was always worried about accreditation and whether or not I could trust not being able converse with my professors through typed words rather than verbal communication. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to do a search. I stumbled across, and I clicked on it. I read through the site about five times, and once I saw that it was a real campus and a certified university that offered online programs, I called immediately. There weren’t any waiting, long lines or multiple advisors who tell you different things, but I was literally walked through every process of enrolling from the same person to the moment I met my academic advisor Nathan Wyckoff. I was able to enroll in classes of my choice, and Nathan has been there to guide me through it. It’s still a bit of struggle for me financially, but what college student is completely fit with their finances? I will be earning my bachelor’s degree in communications from Southern New Hampshire University and will continue to enjoy the ride along the way. I’m proud to be an SNHU student!