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Douglas Collins

BS Justice Studies - Terrorism & Homeland Sec., Class of 2016

"This degree gives me the right path for what I need to prevail to be a good agent or better."

I am Douglas Collins, 29 years of age, from Atlanta, Ga. I am in the U.S. Navy and have been enlisted since December 2004. I have three phenomenal kids: two daughters (seven years and an eight-month-old) and one son (six years old). I've been married for six years, since October 2007. I have done several deployments including Operation Iraqi Freedom I and II, training Central and South American soldiers and sailors, maritime and ground force tactics and Counterdrug Operations, South America Counterdrug Operations, and Air-Ground Force Tasking in Africa, teaching soldiers as well as preventing rebel attacks.

I definitely enjoyed what I did, but I was recently put on limited duty status due to a surgery I had on my hand, getting hurt overseas in battle. My wife is currently in school as well and close to finishing. She is getting her L.P.N. license.

I've been looking forward to taking classes, and now that I have some downtime, what could be a better time to pursue a degree? I have a great interest in cooking, guns (shooting, collecting and researching), outdoor activities, traveling, mentoring and doing anything that demands creativity. I tend to be a workaholic, but I’m fading from that slowly but surely. I'm taking this program to prepare me for a future career; I plan on joining a federal agency. I am enrolled in the B.S. homeland security-terrorism degree. This degree gives me the right path for what I need to prevail to be a good agent or better.

With my work schedule, I plan on doing my best to give 10-13 hours a week to this course. While I know that may be subject to change, but at least I’ll give it a good try. On a scale of 1-5, I would give myself a 5 on how confident I am with my ability to succeed in this course. I mean, basically, I'm shooting for the moon, and if I don't make it, I’ll fall among the stars.