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Dwayne Reinike

BS Accounting

"The key to success at SNHU is communication."

In the beach-lined city of Jacksonville, Fla., Dwayne Reinike is pursuing his BS in Accounting. This active-duty servicemember knew he had to pick an institution that would fit with the demands of a military career. 

To ensure he was making a sound decision, Dwayne “researched every possible online school,” and ultimately decided that Southern New Hampshire University was the right school for him.  It was important to Dwayne to select a school that had a “brick and mortar presence,” too.

Dwayne believes the key to success at SNHU is communication. Although Dwayne may not be able to provide much in the way of details as to why he’ll be away for service-related work, he can work with his advisor to accommodate those absences. SNHU advisors and faculty can provide flexibility in support of servicemembers’ needs, enabling them to succeed in their programs.