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Ed Ithier

BS Business Admin, Class of 1987

"The school provided a foundation for me to be successful."

Though he graduated years ago, Ed Ithier ’87 and ’92 keeps coming back to class.

The former SNHU basketball player and business communication student is an executive with Xerox Corporation, where he is a sales program manager in Xerox’s Color Printing Division. An avid runner, father of two daughters and former Alumni Board member, he also volunteers at Webster House in Manchester, which provides shelter and services to children who cannot stay with their families.

He regularly speaks to marketing classes about sales-related topics and how he’s used his SNHU education in the corporate world. He hopes students who see alumni returning to contribute are inspired to do the same after they graduate.

“In any successful university, students need to see alumni, people who have had great experiences, come back and try to support the institution,” he says. “My motivation behind it all is to give students the sense that yes, anything’s possible, because I think a lot of times students don’t know what’s ahead of them.”

It’s his way of saying thank you.

“I know when I was in school, there were alumni who helped me, and I always valued and appreciated that,” he says. “The school provided a foundation for me to be successful.”