Emily Barbara

BA Psychology, Class of 2014

"After researching online schools, I found SNHU and couldn't be happier."

SNHU is my fourth attempt at completing a degree program. Right out of high school, I did a year at another university, but found it wasn't for me. A year later, I did another year at a different school, taking various classes to see what interested me. Needless to say, nothing did. After that, I focused on working and put school on the back burner. A few years later, I was working in a medical office and went back to school for medical office technology. A year later, I got pregnant and left work and school to stay home and be a mom.

In 2012, after having another child, I began to realize that I wanted to work with kids in some way. I also started to have an interest in psychology. Going to a "normal" classroom wasn't going to work for me because I was so busy at home. After researching online schools, I found SNHU and couldn't be happier. Because of all my prior schooling, I had two years of transfer credits, so I will be able to get my degree in two years. I will be graduating in June 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and will hopefully be starting a MSW program early next year.