Emma Gilbert

AS Business Administration, Class of 2014

"From the first call I received from SNHU through to today, I have received nothing but support from my advisors."

I was born and raised in northern New Hampshire by my single dad, who always worked hard and sacrificed everything to ensure we had everything we needed. He made me appreciate everything in life a little more. I've always been inspired by his faith, dedication to family and hard work. He has always inspired me to make something of myself!

Our family hit some hard times as I was growing up, which made attending college hard for me. I worked as a licensed nursing assistant to get by, and once I was finally eligible for student loans, I attended school for esthetics and laser.

Little did I know, I would struggle to find my niche. It was at this point in my life, after I got married, that my supportive husband suggested I should take some courses in business administration to broaden my scope of practice. After a lot of research, I decided to reach out to Southern New Hampshire University—a school back in my home state.

Having been living in Texas for about three years at this point, beginning online classes at SNHU was like accessing a little piece of home on my laptop. From the first call I received from SNHU through to today, I have received nothing but support from my advisors.

After struggling for so long to attend college, I feel so blessed to have this amazing opportunity. Shortly after I started my online schooling, I was offered a job as a lead medical aesthetician at a plastic surgeon’s office. I have used so much of my education already, and I know I’ll continue to learn and grow as I finish my degree program at SNHU.

To everyone struggling to attend college, don’t give up on your dreams! It may be a roller coaster ride to reach your goals, but success is never out of reach. Like I did, look for inspiration through those special loved ones in your life and know that if you want it bad enough, it will all fall into place. Like my dad and my husband, SNHU has been a great support system for me!