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Fernando Franco

BS Accounting, Class of 2015

"My father did his homework and found out that SNHU is the best university for me."

When I was born June 12, 1982, my family was just getting by. I was the first child to my parents, so I received a lot of attention and care. Later on, I got two more brothers, who I love very much and get along with very well. As I grew up as a teenager, I was bullied a lot at school it lowered my self-esteem, and I started to receive poor grades because of it. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado, when my dad received a promotion that I was homeschooled and received my GED through a mail order school program called Harcourt. It was also around this time my father was sent to too many locations from his employer and we took some amazing trips to Las Vegas, Nevada, Florida, Texas and New Mexico. It was a lot of fun, and I have so many great memories of those times. After four years in Colorado, we moved back to Arizona, and my family was happier living close again with my mother’s family. I still had the scars from my time being bullied and was still really shy to others who weren’t members of my family. That was when I started going college for a while trying to finish my prerequisites, but I really had no idea what type of career I wanted.

I decided to not attended the next school year and found a job at FedEx Ground working as a package handler for two years. It was hard work; I moved packages in and out of large trucks where there was no air conditioning in hot, humid summer weather. I then decided to work at a place that was closed in and had cool air blowing in at all times. That’s when I got hired at, working again as package handler. This job was also tough, mostly because I worked on my feet for twelve hours a day, five days a week for the next two months. After that, I was let go from because the position was only seasonal and the company no longer needed me.

It was then that I decided to go back to school because I was fed up working at meager jobs where I was not going to go anywhere in life. I attended a local community college and received my associate degree in computer applications technology after two years of hard work. My parents were so happy because I was their first child to receive a degree after my father who has master’s degree in business. But unfortunately, after I graduated, I tried to look for jobs within my degree, but no one was hiring me unless I had job experience. So, after a year of looking high and low, I am now in Southern New Hampshire University’s online school getting my bachelor’s degree in accounting, which was highly recommended. My father did his homework and found out that SNHU is the best university for me. Hopefully, I will graduate by 2015. I have no idea where this degree will take me once I receive it; so, I will do my best to get high scores with this great school, and do what I always do in life and that is to sit back and enjoy the ride.