Gary Whelpley

"Others can show me the path, but I have to be the one to walk that path."

Early on, my parents taught me that actively seeking a career in the gaming industry was not the path to succeed in life. Having only listened to what they taught me, I started out high school pursing a more “practical” career as a veterinarian. When I began my undergraduate studies, my drive to study veterinary science weakened. I took my first sociology course, and my professor saw that I had the ability to be a great sociologist. Over many grueling, but satisfying years, I gained my BA in Sociology and was quite satisfied with my success.

After getting my degree, I continued to ponder what I wanted to do with my life. I thought about how I always listened to my parents and not to myself. I learned that I have to pave my own way in life. Others can show me the path, but I have to be the one to walk that path. I ultimately want to create, or help create, a video game that signifies my passion to create visual wonders, while also having fun.

This is still very much the beginning for me, but no matter what anyone else thinks, I will pursue my dream to work and gain experience in the game industry by completing an MS in Information Technology.