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Heather Sanders

BA Creative Writing & English - Fiction, Class of 2017

"The advisors I've had at SNHU have been very supportive."

I transferred to SNHU. And I love writing, which is what I'm going into even though it is super stressful. I love being able to create things no one else has ever thought of.

I don't actually define success as anything, to be honest. I believe that there are ways to help you be successful without getting stressed, but I don't think success has a real definition other than its literal one. I transferred to SNHU a few months ago, and doing the purely online classes took some getting used to, but I actually like them. I am an aspiring novelist, so the setup of the classes allows me to have free time to not only work as much as I need, but also to work on creating a novel. I think success is achieved by finding a system for you that works. For me, it’s deciding what assignments I want done by when, and how I'm going to spread out the work. I actually like knocking everything out at once. But it’s hard to do that with research and writing, so I do bits and pieces at a time.

I think having a good support base is important too. The advisors I've had at SNHU, for the short time I've been here, have been very supportive of my choices in classes, how many classes, my degree choice. And they have helped me figure out the best path for me to take. So I definitely recommend that people take advantage of the fact that they have advisors here so well versed in what they're trying to accomplish.