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Jacob Bowling

BA History - European History, Class of 2015

"Working full-time, having a family and going to school is hard, but with SNHU it is easy and fulfilling."

My life is busy: full-time job, family, house. Finding time to further my education was something that I would never have thought possible when I first began at SNHU, but here I am with a few more courses to complete before I am bestowed with that diploma I have worked so hard for – and never happier.

Before I even began taking courses at SNHU, I struggled finding a program that would hold my interest. I have tried traditional "brick-and-mortar" universities, but always found the same thing: redundancy and unimaginative courses. After many failed attempts to get started with universities, I heard about SNHU from a friend, and decided to explore the program options that they had. I was quite surprised to find they have a European history major. Being a self-proclaimed "history nerd" I decided to give the program a try.

From the first week of my first online course, I was excited. The courses at SNHU hold one's interests and attention. Engaging, challenging, and imaginative, these courses really create a sense of involvement for each student. It is almost as though each course is designed personally for each student and tailored to his or her particular interests.

The support I have received from SNHU has been the key to my success. While some universities, whether traditional or online, require each student to be independent with very little involvement from instructors and staff; SNHU creates a community of instructors, students and staff, which are all on this academic journey together. Each and every student is made to feel important, and each need is promptly met. Working full-time, having a family and going to school are hard, but not with SNHU it is easy and fulfilling. You are not just learning — you are experiencing.