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Jacquanta Shootes

BS Business Admin. - Human Resources Mgmt., Class of 2015

"Because SNHU structures their classes as they do, I know I will have my degree in no time."

I thought I would never go back to school. One day, while surfing the Internet, for entertainment purposes of course, a blinking box popped up saying that I should continue my education. I figured maybe it could be a virus, but maybe not. I knew I felt stuck where I was in life. I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to do in terms of my career. I just did what I needed to do to pay the bills. I decided to look up the top online schools in the country, and I found SNHU! I didn't think I would ever get back in school. I graduated with my associate degree in 2008 and felt like I should just forget about trying because of all the time that had passed.

I got married, then divorced, and I figured there was no one holding me back, but myself. Despite family issues, a devastating car accident, and changes at work, I was determined to persevere. I emailed the school and immediately got a reply back from Amanda! As my admission rep, she was dedicated and patient with me. I had so many things to come up, but I knew that I had to do this for myself. I had to prioritize some things, but now, I am happy as can be. And because SNHU structures their classes as they do, I know I will have my degree in no time. I am so grateful that this school has continued to give people like me second chances. I can’t wait until I hold the piece of paper in my hand showing that I am a proud graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a B.S. in Business Administration and Human Resource Management!