Jacqueline Grayson

MA English & Creative Writing, Class of 2017

"Everyone here at SNHU has been very helpful and encouraging."

I worked in the property management field for sixteen years. I enjoyed my job, but it became very stressful. Ultimately, I lost my job due to my company losing several of their properties. It was a very scary situation to be in. After two years of searching for employment, my daughter brought up the subject of going back to school. I thought it was a crazy idea at first, but after being pushed by both of my children to just do it, I decided to go back to school at the age of 52.

At first I didn't know what to dedicate my studies to. I reminded myself of how much I love to read, and that I had started writing a novel some years ago, which I never completed due to writer's block. I realized that I would love to complete my novel, and also concentrate on a career in editorial. That’s how I decided on English and creative writing as my major.

So far, all is well with my classes, and I am doing better than I could have imagined. Everyone here at SNHU has been very helpful and encouraging. I am looking forward to what my future holds, and, thanks to my children and SNHU, it looks brighter.