Jamilah Jones

BS Business Studies in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Class of 2015

"My academic advisor has been great, and she wants nothing more than great success for me."

Early in my childhood years, I honestly believed I had my whole future planned out and knew exactly what my goals were. My life goals consisted of a successful marriage, beautiful children and a cozy home to go with it all. On the other hand, my overall dream was to be a successful marriage/family/mental health therapist. This career choice appealed to me the most, because for many years I have maintained great success in guiding others emotionally and physically.

However, sometimes life doesn't go as planned: we have children, and/or face challenges that can hold us back from our goals and dreams. For this reason, education usually gets put on the back burner because surviving on a daily basis for family and children comes first. Furthermore, I believe online education is great and will work for just about anyone around a busy lifestyle. I should know, as I have worked 40-50 hours a week, maintained caring for my disabled mother, while also assisting my daughter with her homework, etc. So if I can do it, anyone with a will and passion to succeed in earning a degree can also.

As a student at SNHU, the overall online experience feels no different than participating at a local brick-and-mortar college, which to me is excellent. The only difference to me is the extra convenience of not having to commute to a class before or after work in conjunction with tackling traffic. My academic advisor has been great, and she wants nothing more than great success for me; she consistently offers and provides any of her free time to me, as needed.

Even more, SNHU is a non-profit university, which makes me feel more at ease earning a degree from an actual university that has an extensive history, as opposed to a business that just wants to sell me a piece of paper that’s labeled as a degree. In conclusion, since being an online student with SNHU, I now feel back on track, and know that I will be a success in my future career endeavors upon graduating from SNHU.