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Jane Anderson

MS Accounting, Class of 2015

"I am so glad I took a step back from the second job to start school!"

There are several reasons why I chose to pursue a master’s degree: I promised my mom before she passed away that I would obtain a master’s, I wanted to achieve a goal for myself and I wanted to advance my career. What drew me to SNHU, in addition to the flexibility of online classes, were the personal connections (as seen on the commercials) that the other classmates, professors and advisors bring forth. I'm not going to explain how it's all roses and rainbows — it is hard taking on new responsibilities, challenges and goals while living everyday life.

My personal life includes a full-time job, tending to my elderly father, and now graduate studies. I am so glad I took a step back from the second job to start school! I can honestly say, in my moments of doubt, there is a support system, either through the discussion boards with classmates, or in just talking things over and discussing options with my advisor, which reinforces the notion that I can achieve this goal.